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Complete Guide To Understand What is a Stablecoin?

Adopting cryptocurrencies as a direct replacement for conventional fiat currency requires stability. ‍Algorithmic stablecoins – Algorithmic stablecoins use algorithms and economic design to maintain a consistent market value. These stablecoins are unproven and of highest risk today, and many have seen their values go to zero, destroying billions of dollars of value.

Cryptocurrencies can see significant price fluctuations over a short period of time, which means a stablecoin pegged to a cryptocurrency facing volatility could also witness extreme swings in value. Though the kinks are still being ironed out, Stablecoins have a huge potential to change the global payment landscape. As stablecoins continue to “stabilize” and gain public trust, the way the financial sector uses digital assets will keep evolving. The protocol behind stablecoin Dai is an open-source platform that anyone can use to create Dai tokens against crypto collateral assets.

This effectively means that the price target of AMPL is set to the purchasing power of one 2019 U.S. dollar as represented by the CPI. When the price of AMPL is higher than the index, the protocol increases wallet balances, and when the price of AMPL is lower than the index, the protocol decreases wallet balances. This automated change in supply, referred to as rebasing, impacts market prices by adjusting the outstanding supply of tokens.

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Even before the pandemic, paying with digital cash was becoming more and more attractive. Now, after almost two years of living with the shifting regulations in the physical world, buying online using digital money is more popular than ever. But these trends have resulted in many different stores of digital money, which don’t synchronize easily. There is no consistency in how the information about reserves is presented across different coins. There is also a lack of clarity and standards about reporting the composition of those reserves. It is centralized, which increases the risks of potential hacks because of a single point of failure.

  • Tether ran afoul of multiple regulators and had to pay fines for improper disclosure of reserves.
  • Stablecoins allow anybody in the world to own a stable currency no matter where they live.
  • They maintain this peg through reserves of dollars, other cryptos or a mix of both kept in U.S.-controlled bank accounts.
  • Oftentimes, algorithmic stablecoins will have built-in mechanisms to burn or mint new tokens in order to stay pegged.

Such fluctuations, or so-called ‘short-term volatility’, make cryptocurrencies unfavourable for everyday use by the general public. About 76 percent of its reserves are held as cash or cash equivalents (the vast majority of which is short-term corporate debt, also known as commercial paper). Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long track record of helping people make smart financial choices.


Leveraged loan stablecoins are backed by an over-collateralised system. The most successful example is DAI, which is collateralised by multiple stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. The biggest share of its backing consists of USD Coin and Pax Dollar , followed by Ethereum and Wrapped Bitcoin .

what is a stablecoin and how it works

Stablecoins also allow traders to invest in an off-chain asset , within a decentralized finance protocol on the blockchain. They also allow traders to port assets from one blockchain to another. Some stablecoins are backed by assets; other stablecoins are backed by algorithms or volatile cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies pegged to the price of another asset, such as the U.S. dollar, gold, or stock in a public company. In doing so, issuers would need to insure their stablecoin reserves like traditional depository institutions.

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what is a stablecoin and how it works

It can be difficult to purchase digital goods in a virtual marketplace using cryptocurrencies that fluctuate in value. A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller directly written into lines of code. The code and the included agreements are stored by a distributed, decentralizedblockchainnetwork. The code controls the execution of the agreement, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.

There’s always the risk that the asset backing a stablecoin crashes in value. There are stablecoins that could also suffer from the liquidation of stablecoin reserve holdings. Some of these reserve holdings are linked to traditional financial instruments like fiduciary deposits, government securities, and commercial papers. If these underlying assets were to become illiquid and drop in value, these could impact the value of the stablecoin since each token is meant to be redeemable for cash. While stablecoins take away the volatility of “traditional” cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, they still come with certain risks.

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