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Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free



Download the latest version of Avira antivirus 2018 free


About Avira anti virus 2018 software to protect your computer:-


The new Avira Antivirus 2018 program is one of the oldest programs that has a great deal between Internet users and computer users and mobile

It is the best and most famous software to protect your computer and mobile from harmful viruses that affect your computer’s work well and affect the work of the device while surfing the internet normally and well

The first version of the release was launched in 2003 and is under the management and control of the diverse German company Avira nationalities from around the world.


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


Avira antivirus 2018 software is the latest version of the world’s first of its kind and is one of the best and most famous programs

It has the same functionality as the Kasper Sky and the Norton Program and the Avast program but it beats everyone in many of the advantages that have made him so popular in the world of technology, sophistication and technical


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


It represents a firewall and protector of your computer and mobile from malicious viruses and works to eliminate them to make your computer more secure and faster.

“Download Avira Antivirus 2018″ anti-virus has won many prizes in many competitions by global companies around the world who have made the free Avira antivirus platform a great popularity around the world

It has been downloaded and launched a new version with a direct and free link to reach the popularity ratio between computer and mobile users to 15% so that the number of users of the application or the number of downloads program to 150 million users

It is called some other designations by users around the world such as (Umbrella, virus, anti-virus) and others.

Viruses are the greatest risk to users and expose their devices and data to the risk of espionage or sudden loss, so everyone is always advised use a trusted protection program such as Avira Anti virus 2018, which provides you with integrated protection against viruses of all kinds and protects you from the risks Viruses that may infect you from flashes,


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


Avira 2018, you are a free virus available for download without the need for activation serial keys and you can download Avira 2018 free lifetime virus with direct link It also supports all the famous Windows operating system versions including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 this with its support for many of the Other systems such as the MAC system,

After the spread of smartphones and the spread of the famous Android system the company responsible for the development of Avira has made available a copy of Avira Antivirus for Android that supports all phones that work with this system with its support for Windows, iphone, ipad and other smartphones,

The Avira 2018 program will help you to secure the confidentiality of your data on your computer as well as a strong firewall to protect you from viruses that may come from Internet pages,

Avira’s program contains additions to increase the level of security and to enhance the effectiveness of protection such as Avira Internet, which works to protect you from the dangers of the Internet and e-mail, and this feature is available in the old and new version of the famous Avira software.


Avira Antivirus 2018 software features :-


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free



→  Anti-virus :

Avira-Anti-virus works as a firewall and guard for your computer or mobile phone to fight viruses and malware that lead to the destruction of your device or slow down the device during use.


→  Detecting malicious files :

The Avira antivirus 2018 application helps you find and eliminate malicious files on your laptop or other computer as soon as you find it.



→  Learn about all types of viruses :

The application can find and detect more than 200,000 kinds of viruses and malicious files that are on your computer as soon as they enter it.


→  Protection while browsing :


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


It gives you protection and security while you surf the internet securely. This happens with a strong addition depending on the power of the application and its strength in identifying viruses and harmful files that can penetrate your computer while browsing.



→  Full protection from penetration :


Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free
Download Avira AntiVirus 2018 for free


The Avira antivirus software protects you and helps you protect your computer while you work on it from any hacker file sent to you by some people to enable them to hack the device, identify and steal all the files that are on it.


→  Works on all systems and devices :

The application supports all computer systems and also mobile (64-bit, 32-bit) and works on all kinds of versions and latest versions such as Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, XP) and others.


→  Free Download :

You can download Avira with a direct and complete link free of charge on your computer with the version you want because it provides most of the world’s languages that suit all users and examples of these languages (English, Russian, Italian) and other languages.


→  Work automatically :

Automatically works in case there is anything that can harm the device and eliminate it at the time without needing to alarm and also you can adjust the settings if you are asked to alert you when there is a virus but most or the majority leave the program running automatically.


Information about the download file for the Avira antivirus 2018 program :-


  • License: Free
  • Developer: Avira
  • Version number: 2018
  • Release date: January, 2018
  • Compatibility: Win 7 – Win Vista – win XP-Win 8.1
  • File Size: (depending on your choice of version)


Download Avira Antivirus 2018 with direct link :-


The first version is called :  Free Antivirus


Click here to download Avira antivirus (Free Antivirus ) software in direct link


The second version is called : Free Security Suite

containing your system acceleration tool, hiding your IP, constantly updating your program, and Password Manager tool to manage passwords for all of your accounts


Click here to download Avira antivirus (Free Security Suite ) software in direct link


This is the official YouTube channel for the Avira AntiVir software manufacturer :

Avira AntiVir channel


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