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Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free

Download latest version of Firefox direct new software


Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free
Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free


A brief overview of Firefox browser:-

 Mozilla Firefox : Mozilla’sFirefox” is one of the most famous and most important open-source internet browsers due to its ease of use and super speed,

Firefox also provides you with many different features and customization options.

The Firefox program also features excellent performance, and Mozilla also states that its Firefox software is designed to protect your privacy while surfing different Web pages.

The program also features many great features that make it better than its peers from other browsers that we will try to list you in the next few lines.

It is also noteworthy that the new “Firefox” Software for your computer contains many of the countless advantages that made it the best and most famous browser worldwide and with the testimony of all its users around the world, the most important being that it provides many languages and strives to provide comfort For its users and as a result it has become the most popular.

Free Download Firefox is available on a direct link, whether it is for Mac, computer, or smart devices such as indred, iphone and ipad phones,

The software has a great support from the developed company, especially after increasing the competition significantly between it and the famous Google Chrome browser

This support includes updates that work to correct program errors, upgrade performance and solve famous problems such as Firefox does not open or Firefox does not respond or does not open Google


We were hoping that the hidden sites feature will be added to the Firefox browser because it is very important and is looking for a lot of users,


Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free
Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free


Firefox is one of the most popular browsers worldwide and it has a very large popularity among users so the company has provided the possibility to download Mozilla Firefox for all systems it is available for computer and mobile and Android in the form of APK, iphone, ipad and many other systems,


If you are looking for a browser that gives you a stable performance with many features you’ll need using a Firefox browser and if you want to learn more about browser you can see the caption below which contains a detailed explanation for Firefox including download, installation and playback with a quick view of the most important features and updates.


New Firefox browser features :-

Firefox includes many pre-built features that can be accessed through an easy-to-fill list of attachments and accessories.


  • The program offers a browsing feature (Tabbed Browsing) which enables you to open and navigate more than one site through different tabs in the same browsing window without having to open a new window which has become a key feature in all browsers now, also has a “Firefox” Integrated search engine built-in and easily adjustable.


From the Firefox home page,

You’ll have the ability to reach

  • Google search box and list of shortcuts
  • and get to your download list easily,
  • Web addresses for different sites,
  • Browsing history,
  • Additions,
  • The synchronization
  • and settings, and many more.

Among the advantages too

  • The spelling checker,
  • Embedded PDF file Reader,
  • Geographical positioning, and much more.


Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free
Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free



  • As for safety,

There are automatic pop-up blocker spam, anti-phishing Filter or spaghetti, and features to protect your privacy, which is a stone the corner in Mozilla Firefox plus your usual or secret browsing mode, Firefox gives you the option to prevent websites from tracking your browsing.

  • The Firefox browser also offers a system that assures you that the sites you visit are reliable, and also that your connection is secure.

It automatically performs security updates to ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats or any risk.

  • One of the biggest advantages of Firefox

is its ability to adapt to each user, which has become possible through many customization options that allow you to organize your browser and adapt it to your needs. By providing many form templates available for download through your Firefox interface, you can organize your tools and the most used features as you want in the menu or personal toolbar.


Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free
Download Mozilla Firefox browser for free


In the end if there is a reason why downloading Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world it is that it is a full browser in terms of features, reliability and flexibility, as it provides everything you need to surf the internet in the easiest way possible.


Information about Firefox :-

  • Version number: Firefox Latest Version
  • Release date: October, 2018
  • Compatibility: Windows All 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Developer: Mozilla
  • File Size: Depending on the version you will choose


Download Mozilla Firefox browser :-


download the Firefox 32-bit version free


download the Firefox 64-bit version free


And this official channel on YouTube to Mozilla Firefox to explain


How to install and settings

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