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Cell phones and the risk of being used in the toilet

Risk of using cell phones in the toilet
Risk of using cell phones in the toilet
The use of cell phones in the toilet has become a base for a large number of people. Because of the vastness of the internet age, the toilet became one of the places where people spent time getting acquainted with the latest gossip of celebrities.
If you are using the phone in the bathroom, read this article so that you do not make this error again.
Although the use of cell phones in the toilet is one way of investing time, it is usually disgusting and may affect the functions of the body and the level of public health.
Most people use not to think about where and when to use mobile phones. Since the morning they get used to carrying cell phones (wikipedia) and even dinner table and going to the doctor’s office.
But scientific research shows that smartphones have a wide range of risks that no more germs can expect and reach.


Risk of using cell phones in the toilet


Access germs for the body:


In fact your hand is the source of dealing with the phone’s access germs as well. According to the survey, the Americans are checking their phone about 47 times a day, said the survey, which was conducted Deloitte that this browsing results in a number of microorganisms that move from the phone to your fingers.


Emily Martin, an associate professor of epidemiology, says, in the school of Public Health, Michigan University, “since people are carrying cell phones permanently even in cases where they wash their hands before doing anything, telephones cannot be affected by this procedure. Research has varied on a number of germs that crawl on the cellular phone.
Usually a recent study found that there are more than 17,000 germ-cell phones. Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that mobile phones carry 10 times more than bacteria found in most toilet seats. Which cover the skin and have a set of negative health consequences.
And that the natural bacteria and the oils on the hand pass it from the phone to your hand every time you have a text or e-mail message.
This entails the presence of pathogenic bacteria on your skin. For example, staph bacteria that are on the phone and may not be the cause of the infection.


Susan Witner, director of the Center for Microbiology in New York and the Natural center of Columbia University, states that we do not live in a sterile environment and once you touch any surface, we may reach any type of pollutant. . Studies have found that pathogens are bacteria on the surface of the cell phones.
One of the worst places to use cell phones is the bathroom when you are in the toilet, the germs are flowing everywhere and the ultimate bacteria reach the mobile phone, which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the body.

More time to sit on the toilet:

It has been found that the use of the cellular phone while sitting on the toilet increases the sitting time on the toilet for more than 10 minutes or more.
Sometimes the duration is up to 30 minutes and does nothing. Sitting on the toilet for more than 10 minutes can cause the body to be confused about what it is supposed to do and which causes medical problems to come on the way to you.
This period also causes a sense of constipation because the body is used to work on a longer and abnormal period of time in the bathroom. In addition, your showers can lead to 30 minutes of hemorrhoids, which are essentially inflammation of the veins in the rear and in some cases produce painful itching and bleeding during the stool.
Additional problems occur for your pelvic muscles when sitting on the toilet for a long time, which makes working harder than you think so you need me to stay away from the phone.
Many experts believe that standard toilets are generally poorly designed for body health and functions.. People may need a seat to make a stool discharge easier.

Using the phone in the bathroom is disgusting:

One of the obvious problems of using a mobile phone in the bathroom is that this is completely absurd and disgusting. In 2012, a study showed that 75% of Americans recognize the use of cell phones in the bathroom.
Many of them admitted that this was a disgusting act that was close to 100%. Especially when cell phones are used in public toilets can be found in this case for germs like Coli, Salmonella, Normarsa virus, Hepatitis A in all public toilets of course these pathogens find their way towards your phone.
You need to constantly clean up your phone so it’s not susceptible to some serious illnesses. Even the germs are in the air and can affect the teeth brushes and that is why the bathroom brushes are not placed in a place near the toilet so that the particles don’t reach them.

Health problems caused by mobile phone:

Increases the risk of immunological diseases:

When touching mobile phones can carry a lot of germs as we mentioned above. You can note fatty residues that reside on your mobile phone’s surface.
In a study conducted at the London School of Health and medicine, researchers tested 390 mobile phones and condemned the level of bacteria. Studies showed that 92% of the phones were sampled, with a high percentage of bacteria and 82.% of the hands have bacteria and 16% of the phones and hands are free of bacteria and germs.
Fecal bacteria can easily be transported from the phone to our bodies.

Increases the risk of chronic pain:

Mobile phones require the constant use of cell phones, especially when sending text messages and e-mail.
Responding to text messages very quickly causes pain and arthritis. Also the back mother of common pains when increasing the use of cellular phone especially if you carry the phone between the neck and the shoulder when doing multiple tasks.
Experts say that the use of phones for long periods causes the neck to bend and load the body in a strange position and this leads to back pain.

Increases the risk of eye problems:

Staring at the machine for a long time causes vision problems later in life. Mobile phone screens are smaller than computer screens, which means you are more likely to shift, compress, and strain your eyes while reading messages.
According to the health center, more than 70 percent of Americans do not know that they are susceptible to eye problems.

negatively affects emotions:

The frequent interaction of the parties through smartphones reduces communication between them and generates negative emotions towards the other person you cannot see.
I found a study conducted at Essex University in the United Kingdom, in which researchers studied during the mobile device by telephone as opposed to the visual conversation.
In the first study, 37 pairs of strangers were asked to spend nearly 10 minutes talking to each other about an interesting event in their lives over the past month.
Half of the respondents were sitting in an isolated area with a mobile device located near the office, while the other half remained without a mobile phone.
The second study involved 34 pairs of strangers who were asked to discuss trivial topics while asking others to discuss important topics that had occurred in their lives.
Half of the participants talked about important events in their lives with the computer The study found that they got confidence in strangers on the contrary with the cell phone.
Thus, the presence of a mobile phone can interfere with human relations and have a more pronounced effect when individuals discuss a meaningful subject.

Increase stress levels:

The high frequency of cell phone usage can have negative effects on our levels of stress. Continuous resonance and vibration notices and reminders can have an impact on feelings.
In a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, researchers researched whether there was a direct link between the psychological and social aspects of the use of cellular telephones and adult mental health purposes.
Participants in the study, aged 20-40, have responded to the questionnaire. Researchers find that there is a rise in the use of mobile phone and the incidence of sleep disorders, depression among men.
In general, excessive use of cellular telephones can result in a risk factor in young people’s mental problems.
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