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Benefits of doing ear massages at this point and pressure therapy


Benefits of doing ear massages at this point and pressure therapy
Benefits of doing ear massages at this point and pressure therapy


Chinese culture includes many treatments, including stress therapy, which depends on the massage of certain points in the body to get rid of the pain. which includes a massage of the ear in this area and the recognition of why it really amazes you, it helps you get rid of stress. It is a deep point that strengthens your public health and reduces tension and stress. Also, tension is one of the most common problems of the moment due to lifestyle, noise, multiple tasks, and non of situations that make you feel physically or emotionally nervous and eventually it really affects the quality of your life.


People who experience stress may evolve with other health problems affecting their lives. For example, stress causes severe headaches, anxiety, tremors, sweating, muscle pain, digestion problems, dizziness, frequent need for urinating and others. We all suffered from different levels of stress, however, you must do your best to keep the tension away before it becomes part of your daily life. If you start feeling repeatedly tense you should see the doctor so you can avoid any more serious consequences. There are many home remedies that help you control stress and anxiety. However, not many people are aware of the massage technique at a certain point of ear relieves the stress of almost this technique is not well known and we offer you steps to do this technique


Benefits of doing ear massages at this point and pressure therapy


How do you use the permission to resist stress?


Before you begin to massage your ear to relieve stress, you should always start with an important first step, which is to try to get rid of negative emotions that affect your day pattern and activities. Don’t try to suppress your feelings, so don’t try to leave the emotions for a while so you can get rid of the tension and keep the tension away to shake off the frustration and anger.


Once you get rid of that negative energy that prevents you from feeling yourself, the next step is to summarize the physical effects of stress through needle therapy technology. In addition to helping you to relax, it is necessary to get rid of the swelling and the pain that is happening.


You will be sure of the dazzling results of the simple massage effects to authorize your health. This area tends to be ignored and can provide healing effects for all parts of the body depending on the method of massage. This stimulates neurotransmitters to catalyse healing mechanisms and thus produce a lot of benefits. If you ask someone else to massage, you may feel more enthusiastic. This is caused by a lot of nerve in the ear zone that makes you feel relaxed when this spot is massaged.


This spot in your ears is known in Chinese culture anti-stress and resists tension, increasing energy, in a way that improves our level of well-being. This point is called Chen Min, who is able to provide comfort, reduce stress and relieve pain, located in the middle of the upper third of your ear.


How to do a massage?


Experts at this point recommend many tips so that you can take advantage of the treatment by pressing the ear and starting to feel more relaxed:


Gently massage the area and squeeze down and make sure to massage the area with great precision. While doing this, breathe deeply to listen to what your body says to you. Continue to do breathing exercises while you look at the left while you inhale, move to the right while you exhale.


After performing this treatment for a few minutes, you will begin to feel comfortable in the body and mind. The most important factor when doing this technique is to focus and do everything you can to get rid of negative energy. He prefers to do the rehearsal every night before going to sleep.



What is the pressure therapy?


It means needle therapy, which originated in China for an old time, dating back hundreds of years, 600 before birth they used the needle as one of the means in the pressure therapy, but in some cases it can be done without a needle. Certain areas of the body are stimulated by the insertion of a thin needle to the skin.


What do you need to know about stress therapy?


The pressure treatment has become a trend in Western medicine today and the fact that many patients have not expected the results they will have when using stress therapy, especially at first experience. Besides, there are different types of compression treatments that may be different, but they lead to many problems:


Pressure therapy saves you from pain:


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (wikipedia), pressure therapy helps you treat cold and stomach problems and a wide range of common pain such as mental stress. Emotional, cancer, skin diseases, neurological disorders, dental problems, infections, childbirth, and a lot of countless types of pain. .


Do not try to try the treatment by pressing in the morning on the stomach:


One of the important points that I have to be aware of before the stress therapy experiment is not to try it in the morning because you should eat a little food before the hour treatments don’t have to have a full meal, but at least a snack to help your body give it the energy it needs to achieve the maximum The required results. Because the treatment by pressing in the morning without eating can lead to dizziness or fainting.


You don’t need to take your clothes off so you can do the stress therapy.


Although the pressure therapy may need you to reach the areas under your clothes, you can do it without taking your clothes off. It’s not like a massage. However, the experts recommend that you wear loose clothing so you can easily pull it.


You can’t expect embarrassing questions:


When making a decision to make a pressure treatment, a physical examination specialist requires you to answer questions about different subjects such as your health and your lifestyle. These questions often need you to have a detailed description about bowel movement, urination, menstruation. The questions are not as embarrassing as you expect.


Stress removal Tips:


Cold compresses:


You can use ice bags by applying them on your forehead, to provide quick relief of stress and strain. Or you can apply it by putting it in a cool cloth on the head for ten minutes and repeating it after a while until you get a little rest. A frozen vegetable bag can work to give the same result as ice bags. When cold-headed periods are placed on the head, pain and blood vessels help to shrink and improve circulation, giving an effective result in getting rid of headaches. This method is appropriate when the headache is caused by sinus pain or stress.


Cinnamon Tea:


Cinnamon is another herb that is effective in treating stress. That’s grinding some cinnamon sticks and grinding them and adding a little water to this powder to make dough and apply it to the forehead. and lying down for half an hour will work to relieve headache and after time wash your forehead with lukewarm water. This treatment is very useful in treating headaches.


Aromatic therapy:


There are different aromatherapy oils, but the most common stress treatment is aromatic lavender oil and Panoung. These oils are used for the massage of the neck, while bathing or inhalation. You can mix five drops of rosemary oil with five drops of nutmeg oil, five drops of lavender oil in the oil tanker and a massage of the neck area and upper back.


Camphor Oil Massage:


Eucalyptus Oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties. To quickly get rid of tension and stress headaches, massage the front with camphor oil for 15 to 20 minutes. It works to soothe the pain and relieve the tension of the head muscles. You can add other oils to camphor, such as coconut oil or almond oil.


Ginger Tea:


Ginger Tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve headache pain. Ginger helps to relax blood vessels and activates blood circulation in the brain and thereby relieve headache and stress pain.


Warm water:


You can apply hot water to the lower part of the neck using a hot water bag, giving you immediate relief from stress-induced headaches. When the heat is applied it works on the strained muscle resting. Besides using hot water bags, you can take a hot shower. Another way is to put your hands in a hot tub for 10 to 15 minutes, when you do it helps to improve your blood circulation or put your men in your pearls with chronic headaches.

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