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How do you know your phone is hacked ?

? How do you know your phone is hacked

How do you know your phone is hacked in the simplest practical way? That’s what we’re going to do today. With a comprehensive and exhaustive explanation .

Mobile phone development

The development of cellular phones has become so fast that the phones excel every New year on the public phones that have significantly accepted it, in terms of specifications and features.

This development brings with it a significant security burden; After the phones were simple enough to have the applications on them,

the systems became running cellular phones right now allows the entire user to be free to deal with his or her device, he can carry the desired apps, and that It changes its settings as it wants, it’s all because of security problems in cellular devices.

It’s hard for a regular phone user to handle it., these cellular phones have become impenetrable and receive viruses if they do not improve their proper control.

Penetration of cell phones

What the term penetration means in information security is an unwanted external interference with the device or system,

so that the hacker can control the entire system or a part of it, or a change in settings in it, or the ability to obtain information from within the system or device without the victim’s permission, and without authority.

Penetration of mobile phones means that an unauthorized destination can change phone settings, obtain confidential and personal information from within, control it completely or partially, or cause damage to your mobile system. The consequences of penetration and its

 methods depend on countless factors, such as:

– type of mobile device.

– Mobile phone operating system and version.

– Gaps in the mobile phone operating system; The gaps may be caused by a human error by the user, such as running unsecured applications.

– The powers of the hacker, such as the hacker can use the cellular phone to the victim and change his settings directly.

– neglect or ignorance of the methods of security protection of cellular telephones by the user.

Impact of the operating system in the penetration process

Most modern mobile phones operate either with the Android operating system from Google Development, or with the iOS operating system developed by Apple,

these two systems differ in the way they can penetrate; The iOS operating system does not allow the freedoms offered by an operating system Android for its users,

since the IOS operating system prevents users from downloading any apps except through the trusted app store from Apple, which does not contain any unsecured applications.

IOS users can free from the limitations of this apple-imposed system by using customized programs to do the so-called jailbreak process (breaking), which allows the user to download applications from non-Apple certified store, where downloading viruses and hacker software becomes possible

Lets run a dark Android download apps from the Google App Store, adding to the possibility of downloading them from anywhere other than the official store, and this can be exploited by hackers to trick phone users and make them download viruses or hack programs instead of apps Official.

The probability of penetration is increased by removing the radical account in Android (root user) because the account has infinite powers in the Android operating system, which can be exploited by hackers.

How to find out if the phone is hacked

Simple methods can enable a mobile phone user to see if his or her device is compromised, and the purpose of these methods is to know which programs are being implemented in the operating system, and which is the virus or the program of penetration most of them. The virus software or

hack specifications may reveal it,

and these specifications are:

– Small file size  .

– is always in progress.

– The wizard is heavily used.

– the battery of the device consumes significantly.

– carries a random name or a famous program name .

The hacker’s mobile phone has symptoms that may indicate that it is a hacker, and if any of them are felt, the device must be checked:

The device is noticeably slow and unsurpassed (especially if the hardware specification is high).

dramatically increase battery consumption.

Many and annoying ads appear while you are using the device.

There are unknown new applications in the list of device applications.

Delete some personal files.

Inability to open operating system programs, such as App Store.

Replace the hardware App Store with another unknown store.

One way to make sure that a mobile phone is compromised or not (may vary from one operating system to another or from one device to another), in addition to detecting any unwanted software, you must know which alien applications are in progress,

 and from these ways it comes:

Method 1:

 Login to the device settings, and then list the applications, search for any unknown strange application, and search engines can be used to see the properties of these applications by typing its name in the search engine.

Method 2:

 Access the device settings, and then list the applications in progress, and search for any unknown application, especially if this application consumes the hardware resources significantly.

Method 3:

 Access your device settings, and then battery settings, and find unknown programs that consume the battery significantly.

Method 4:

 Load a reliable anti-virus application and scan the device.

Method 5 (somewhat tricky):

 This method requires that the operating system be freed from restrictions (in the event of a jailbreak in the case of iOS or unblocking the account radical in Android),

you must download a terminal program, and then enter it and type the command (PS-A), all of which will appear Programs are running on the device,

and this method shows programs that the settings in the device cannot show.

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