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Google Chrome disables unwanted redirects


Google Chrome disables unwanted redirects :


Google Chrome disables unwanted redirects
Google Chrome disables unwanted redirects


Google today announced some fixes and enhancements that are supposed to reach the upcoming versions of their Web browser Chrome, where the browser prepares to fight over the next year against low-quality advertisements and audio content that runs automatically, the company team added a new target to its list Disables unwanted redirects, and improvements are aimed at preventing redirects and blocking pop-up advertising windows.


In its new audit, the company stated that at least one out of every five reports received from Chrome users on desktop computers indicates a response some types of unwanted content, prompting the company to advertise a series of protective steps designed to combat deceptive behaviors designed Intentionally to mislead the users.


The company is moving towards a more comprehensive approach, which is to try to stop all the masked links of third-party Web sites, such as play buttons or controls other on-site items that picks up all clicks, along with behaviors that lead to opening tabs or Windows New and redirection processes.


Google has decided to embed the 64 version of Chrome browser with the possibility of automatically blocking Web pages from unexpectedly navigating to a new page, it also prevents these redirection attempts, and will show the user that an attempt to redirect into the browser Information bar has been blocked.


Google found another problem that most users complain about, since clicking on a new link does not only open a new tab, but also causes the page to move original to a different unintended web page, I explained that this command falls under circumvention of pop-up blocker in chrome , a giant search is working to get rid of it within the 65 version of Chrome browser.


Google also works on some other features that make surfing the web less problematic, for example the Chrome browser will not be able to within the 64 version of Autorun for audio video clips, the upcoming versions of the browser will block spam advertisements excessively or extraneous, and there is a 64 version of The browser is currently in the pre-beta testing phase and is expected to be released at the beginning of next year.

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