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Instagram lets you add old photos to stories


Instagram lets you add old photos to stories :


Instagram lets you add old photos to stories
Instagram lets you add old photos to stories


The photo sharing platform Instagram announced on Tuesday the 24-hour time limit allowed to add content to its own feature stories, a feature with popular of the platform which allows for the posting of a temporary set of photos and videos on the Internet, which means that users of the platform do not need to Rush to download the latest photos and videos that they want to use within the feature stories. (wikipedia)


The feature of the Instagram stories, a feature that was launched last year and copied from a similar feature within the Messaging application video chat, allows users to upload photos and videos that have been filmed in the past 24 hours only.


Because of this, many users have to re-save the content on their smartp hones or other devices and then re-publish them within the time limit set for one day to deal with the demands of the podium, while things are currently different, where any image or video captured by the camera can be used And instantly share it with friends via the feature stories.


The main idea of temporary publications, such as stories, which also disappears 24 hours after their publication, is about giving users a way to share a set coordinator of their latest experience in almost real time, and it seems that Instagram has found that determining the time period for usable content It may result in trapping users and reducing posts.


Instagram explained that the feature of the stories would now begin with the provision of new posters for participants with older content, allowing users to add a case explaining when pictures or old video clips have been captured, and the feature of stories has proven their widespread popularity within the photo sharing platform, though It is largely regarded as a feature copied from the Snab chat.


The number of users of the Instagram feature has recently reached 300 million active users a day, slightly more than a year after their appearance, which was first added in August 2016, snap chat, for his part, was striving to increase the growth of his user base over the past year, but he was able to add only 5 million mes Serving in the last quarter, the total number of users becomes 178 million.

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