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iphone 10 beats iphone 8 in terms of speed of adoption


iphone 10 beats iphone 8 in terms of speed of adoption :


iphone 10 beats iphone 8 in terms of speed of adoption
iphone 10 beats iphone 8 in terms of speed of adoption


Apple’s iphone 10 The Special phone could grab the attention of a large slice of customers in its first week, compared to iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus phone models, and that was advertised in conjunction with the iphone 10 phone, but it didn’t get such a momentum as the iphone 10 got, and this information comes in accordance A new report published today by the market research company Localytics.


Data showed the speed of customer adoption of the phone for iphone 10, although long delays in the process of charging the phone’s advance requests mean that many clients have not yet received their hardware, but the new handset has been able to get 0.93% of the total market share for iphone after The weekend of the first week of sales.


It should be noted that these data do not refer to iphone phone sales, but rather measure the market share of each device based on consumer uses, where Localytics is running a portable sharing platform across 2.7 billion devices and 37 thousand web and mobile applications, allowing it to collect this data.


The company says that it has examined more than 70 million devices operated by the IOS mobile operating system, and then compared the data this weekend (between November 3 and November 5) with previous archived data for the old iphone models.


The proportion of 0.93% of the total market share of the phones may seem slim, but they place the phone in the foreground in terms of market share compared to iphone 8 phone models that received a market share of 0.7% during the first week of their launch, suggesting an increased demand on Apple‘s upscale device Ringtone with its other organs.


The market share during the first week of the iphone 10 is less than the market share obtained by the iphone 6 phone models in the first week of its launch in 2014, which stood at 2.3 percent, less than the 1.3 percent that got them models for iphone 6 phones in 2015, and 1.2 percent For iphone 7 phone models in 2016.


Localytics warned that previous comparisons might not be the best way to analyze the popularity of the new phone, as Apple (wikipedia) provided iphone 10 with limited phone when launched, along with today’s market containment on the iphone more than in 2014, in other words Apple doesn’t just compete With other companies for market share and even compete themselves.


Some months may show different data, where Localytics expects the iphone 10 phone to have a bigger market share than any other iphone in terms of the total market share of the devices iphone over the next few months, coinciding with Apple’s own predictions that the first quarter of fiscal year 2018, the With the last three months in 2017, it will be one of the best quarters for iphone 10 sales.

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