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Apple: iphone 10 May experience OLED display problems

Apple: iphone 10 May experience OLED display problems


Apple: iphone 10 May experience OLED display problems
Apple: iphone 10 May experience OLED display problems


Apple has updated the Technical support page on the iphone 10 phone display to show that a $1,000 phone can suffer from known problems related the quality of the OLED display screens, but insists that this screen is the best OLED screen ever provided in a smartphone, and that it has been designed by Sha A presentation to overcome all the effects and common problems in such a quality of screens.


The new support document addressed discussions about the Super Rentina OLED display on the iphone 10 phone and user viewing angles as well as the possibility image steadiness when the display screen shows slim traces of a previous image that has been paused for a long period of time, explaining how such a quality works from Display screens.


The Technical Support page “If you look at an OLED screen outside of the angle of view you may notice slight shifts in colors and gradients, this is an essential feature of OLED screens, considered normal behavior for this type of screens,” and by company This command appears when you use the device by two people at a time, as n Transitions in colors and their gradients are very slight in narrow corners, and slightly increases when looking from a farther viewing angle.


The company adds “with long-term use of the screen, the OLED screens may show slight visual changes, this is an expected disposition, and may include” continuing the image “or” combustion effect “, where faded remains appear within the screen from a previous image even after displaying a new image,” and Apple advises phone users to avoid Displays the same high-contrast image continuously for long periods of time.


It also explains that it has designed the display screen to reduce these effects, but the company based in Kupertino did not invent an OLED display a revolutionary new can give the user dramatic colours and color saturation without any apparent defects, where iphone 10 is the first phone from Apple with an OLED display, That provide more contrast and color saturation.


These problems have caused a lot of inconvenience to the newer phone users of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL, Google responded by doubling the warranty period on phone, Apple is trying through a new warning anticipating potential complaints and avoiding such problems related to bugs that may appear at any time.

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