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The problem of Google docs is to worry users though they are resolved

The problem of Google docs is to worry users though they are resolved
The problem of Google docs is to worry users though they are resolved


Google docs : Many users of the online text processing service from Google called Google Docs was surprised on Tuesday when their documents were banned for violation service policies, users reported loss of access to documents and received messages that documents violated the conditions of service, The problem has been reported by dozens of people in Google product forums.

The flaw in the popular Google Docs service has led to the service’s randomly closing documents and documents to users for violating terms and conditions the company’s service, where a letter has emerged stating that the service has found that the specified documents are inappropriate and contrary to the terms of service, and explained For its part, Google has put forward a reform of this problem, but the incident has raised many questions regarding the protection of privacy.

This problem gained widespread attention yesterday when the National Geographic reporter Rachel Pyle wrote that the Google Docs had frozen document that she was working on writing about wildlife crimes, as others claimed that the documents had been abruptly shut down by The document editing service, which provides a range of services similar to Microsoft Office.

Many users rely on the Google Docs cloud service to access information about their personal and professional lives, creating great inconvenience, and one employee explained the company’s online forum in response to those criticisms that a small percentage of the files within the service have been mistakenly identified on They are abusive, which has led to the automatic blocking of these documents.


Many service users expressed their feelings about such a disturbing kind of surveillance, and that such an observation was particularly worrying for those who use giant search tools to record sensitive information, but these concerns are not new, given the ability of the company to read the contents of the accounts Individual clients long ago.

The company has repeatedly explained that this reading process is fully trusted and only used to identify keywords for propaganda purposes, and these the old new questions about what the company can and cannot do when it comes to spying on user activities, explains Google rules In service lines, which indicate that automated systems Analyze this information when it is sent and received.

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