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Twitter rewrites the rules applied to almost all of its users


Twitter rewrites the rules applied to almost all of its users
Twitter rewrites the rules applied to almost all of its users


The Twitter mini-blogging platform today updated a set of principles and guidelines that users must follow to prevent them from being blocked, the service hopes that through this step things will be clearer and easier to understand, the company has unveiled a new version of the “Twitter rules”, which includes more detailed sections on what is considered abusive behavior, or factors that take into account before deciding on a person’s account comment.


If the account is suspended, users receive an e-mail message explaining the rule they violated, while things were previously blurry the user does not get an explanation or a detailed reason for the reason for his account comment, and Twitter updates its media policy to include more examples of what It is a graphical content or adult content, as crimes or accident scenes will be considered as graphic violence.


It should be noted that there are no new rules, but the company simply rewritten the previous rules in a more detailed and explanatory manner in order to make them clearer for new and old users, where Twitter has received a lot of criticism about that it is consistently implementing its policies poorly, This is due to the fact that these policies were somewhat vague.


That situation helped to give the platform more freedom of action, but it made it difficult to act continuously and equally with millions of accounts, Twitter added a more explicit language on issues such as self-harm, and added some simple language explanations on how to consider whether The tweet is of news importance before it is removed or the account is suspended, which the podium suffered earlier this year.


This has led to some confusion when Twitter needed to explain that the tweets of US president Donald Trump treated differently than most other tweets because of the value its news, an internal policy that has not yet been publicly explained, is regarded as a safe exit for the company with respect to the president’s tweets, and is Today’s update is a cosmetic surgery, but the platform plans to implement a whole new set of principles and guidelines.


Twitter stated that it would work to share more details on how the company would review and implement the new policies in a separate update on Nov. 14, and on November 22nd you will participate more rules regarding violent groups, hateful images and abusive user names, where you try to The platform resolves chronic problems related to harassment and abuse on the podium.


This step comes years after the podium has failed and received numerous criticisms from users, groups and former employees regarding its rules and policies on abusive behaviour, self-harm and abuse of others, spam, photos, violent video clips and speech Hatred, phishing and adult content, Jacques Dorsey, the CEO of the company, had spoken several weeks ago in October that the company would be more aggressive about preventing such abuses.


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