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Twitter launches Twitter Lite within 24 additional countries


Twitter launches Twitter Lite within 24 additional countries
Twitter launches Twitter Lite within 24 additional countries



Twitter launches Twitter Lite within 24 additional countries

The Twitter (wikipedia) mini-blogging platform has doubled its efforts to strengthen its presence in emerging markets in order to increase the numbers of its users by launching its light application for Twitter Android Lite for Twitter Light room in 24 additional states, a dedicated web application for slow contact owners, which said it targeted Users in emerging markets in Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and Africa who first try Twitter on their mobile devices.


The platform had made a Twitter application on Light room in April, and it worked to make it available via any portable device browser through the address, and come up with a release the mini-service of the main application within 24 new countries after about two months of testing on the ground in the Philippines, the application is designed To consume a few blank space with a 3-megabyte limit of the phone’s storage capacity.


The application supports offline usability based on the caching feature, and allows users to choose images or videos that they are downloaded in their schedule so that data is not automatically lost in downloading everything that exists, and the user base has risen Monthly for Twitter to 330 million in the third quarter of 2017, although the growth rate has not increased significantly in the past two years.


The application is now located in the Asian markets of Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand, and in the African markets of Nigeria South Africa, Tunisia, Tanzania, Venezuela and Algeria, and in the Middle East markets represented by Egypt, Israel and the Latin American markets Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and El Salvador.


The application is very similar in terms of the idea with the Facebook Lightroom Lite application, so that it is a vector for developing countries, and works to reduce the use data, making it more user-friendly in high-cost areas of data plans, and Twitter indicates that the application is more flexible On unreliable mobile networks such as 2g and 3g.
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