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Women are better than men in the field of technology

Women are better than men in the field of technology
Women are better than men in the field of technology
A new report from the Brookings Institution’s urban Policy Program measured the results and numerical scores for men and women, and found that women have stronger skills than men in the technical field.


The Brookings report “Digitization and the American workforce” was examined in “information on knowledge, skills, tools and technology, in the education, training, employment context and work activities required” for high-tech jobs, the result of women was 48 versus 45 men.


Despite this high level of competence among women, the report confirmed that the number of men applying for the highest technical functions in the areas of computer and engineering and management, as well as lower-level professions in technology, such as transportation, construction, natural resources and construction, more than women.


It is believed that the issue of men’s superiority over women in the advancement of technical careers is familiar given the annual diversity reports issued by technical companies, which shows the share of women in technical employment of less than 30%, and decreases further in management and leadership positions.


“While digitization has great opportunities for workers or historically marginalized or less marginalized groups to advance the ladder of work, very few of them seem to be making such progress,” the report said.

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