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Burning outdoor coffee is a way to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas


Burning outdoor coffee is a way to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas
Burning outdoor coffee is a way to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas


Flying insects (wikipedia) cause persistent ringing in the house, which causes discomfort and is difficult to control, whether these insects are mosquitoes or fleas need to be disposed of. By burning outdoor coffee you can get rid of mosquitoes and fleas and also by using a variety of techniques that help you get rid of mosquitoes already at home and abroad and help you prevent the appearance of more.


Mosquitoes and fleas are tiny insects that fall on your body and suck your blood without your permission and are no doubt a constant source of irritation. All you want is to get rid of these annoying creatures as they can become a source of serious health concerns like malaria and dengue. We have collected a range of home remedies that help you get rid of mosquitoes and fleas easily. In order to resort to it with the arrival of summer because the time of contagion mosquitoes and fleas at home and get rid of it becomes the best way to control it. If you hate the use of chemicals, these simple and natural ways to help you avoid the danger of toxic chemicals are safe to maintain the natural balance between mosquitoes and diseases away.


Burning outdoor coffee is a way to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas


Whatever you’re trying to do during summer evenings, it’s probably going to end up with a number of mosquitoes inside your house. You may be burning in your ear while trying to watch TV, and you may see that it is flying on your face or feet or your hands while you are sleeping peacefully. It’s time we spend some time in the park to ensure that plants are ready to grow and prosper and provide ample nutrition. And more importantly, don’t forget to wipe out the annoying bugs. It’s not just about eating plants, mosquitoes and fleas can be left behind by viruses and infections.


Here’s one of the tried ways to keep mosquitoes and fleas away in modern which is the way to use coffee. Yes coffee It is not just an element to increase focus in the morning. All you need this summer is to put coffee on paper. By taking a paper and chopping it on a square or using a sheet of aluminum chips it is lighter. All right, all you have to do is put a lot of coffee on fire. And watch this magical work to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas in the garden. It is an easy and effective way in addition to leaving a good smell in the place.

Methods of disposal of mosquitoes and fleas


Put a bucket of water in the garden:

Mosquitoes need a precious amount of water to raise and thus reduce mosquitoes. Having water down in the park is the first step to get rid of mosquitoes and fleas in the garden. It is advisable to place stagnant water such as a plant dish and bird baths on a continuous basis in the garden.

Eliminate unnecessary elements:

Our worst enemy is trash and unnecessary elements such as old tyres, in which the water accumulates and allows mosquitoes to reproduce. If you are using old tires in the garden, try to get rid of them immediately and start finding harmless alternative solutions.
Also stagnant water around trees and plants can be a place of habitation for mosquitoes as they provide the mosquitoes with organic materials such as leaves and that’s all the mosquitoes need to breed and survive.

Camphor Oil:

Camphor was found as having long-lasting effects as a repellent. All you have to do is take a light amount of camphor in the room and close all the doors and windows and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. It’s better to find camphor in high quality. It is a natural aromatic oils that offer additional benefits other than the disposal of mosquitoes including muscle cooling, calming the pain of the menstrual cycle.

Honey Trap:

You can use the honey trap to get rid of the mosquitoes because the sweet fragrance of the baby will be attracted to the flies as that naturally sticky honey and don’t let the flies escape. In fact, you can use any fruit jam for this purpose because the scent of fruits will bring flies to it.
Get a box of soda or a plastic bottle with 2 teaspoons honey and water and a liquid soap dish. To make the trap, you can cut the soda cans or the bottle in half. The lower half of it will be larger than the top half and now fill the bottom half with water. Now take the top half of the soda bottle and put it in an inverted position on the full water part and place it near the places where the flies are.

Use of plastic water bags:

This method is a little interesting and very effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. You just need to have plastic bags filled with water. When this bag is hung in your outside entrances, the flies will not be able to enter the house to the flies can’t see the water bags and see them as human eyes and look at the clear water in the bags as a spider network. So he’s not trying to get close to her. The other reason is that the reflection of water is enough to thwart flies and create some inexplicable illusion. You can see this trick in the fruit shops to keep flies away from the fruit. .
Get me a big plastic bag and water. Fill the plastic bag with water until it reaches the middle and tie the knot to secure the water from the exit through the rubber band and now hang these bags near the entrance of the house
and doors or in any other open air entrance.

Apple cider vinegar:

This home therapy works well to get rid of the mosquitoes especially that exist on the fruit because it works as a magnet for the scent therefore cannot resist the smell of mosquitoes especially when heated slightly when heating vinegar release the scent.
Heat a glass of apple vinegar in the microwave oven or heat it in the pan on the stove and if you use a jar with a lid you can make holes inside the lid. These holes are enough to get the flies inside. And if you don’t want to destroy the lid you can use a cone funnel and now fill the bowl and make the Apple hot and put The lid on the holes and now put this jar in the places where the flies are so much present.

The mosquito repellent with lavender oil:

It is common to use lavender oil to calm the nerves, but there are a few people who realize that you can use lavender oil as an excellent arm of the door. It has been used as an old-fashioned repellent element and protection of the clothing of insects. Lavender oil helps control the flies.
Soak a piece of sponge into a half cup of lavender oil and now put this cloth or metal in tin and put it on the lid and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can remove the lid and keep tin in the place where you see a large amount of flies. After use, try to replenish the oil because the air weakens the power of the oil and covers it and stores it until it acts as a mosquito repellent. Avoid having a mixture near your skin especially when it is not diluted. You can also use some aromatic oils such as mint oil, lemon oil, camphor oil.

Action Mosquito Trap:

There are the cassettes that work on the mosquitoes and the albergaith in the markets and sometimes they are called the trap of flies made from the coated paper is fragrant, sticky, poisonous, and often the flies and other insects surround the plane. The poisonous substance used in these tapes is harmful to humans and animals, so why don’t you use homemade fly-fishing strips.
Get a glass of corn syrup, a sugar cup, brown paper or thin cards, scissors, a thread to use in the processing of the Mosquito trap. Work to cut the paper into 2-inch strips and try to place a place to hang the tapes with the thread in the room.
Make a mix of corn syrup with sugar and soak the strips inside that mixture and if the blend drips you can put the paper hanging and now hang strips in places where you see mosquitoes where flies are attracted to the sugary bands and when they drop they will stumble.
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