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Increase the male hormone testosterone in natural ways


Increase the male hormone testosterone in natural ways
Increase the male hormone testosterone in natural ways


Testosterone male hormone (wikipedia) is a male hormone in men and is one of the easiest naturally increasing hormones. But recent studies have found that the hormone decline is a natural consequence of aging and is highly influenced by factors and lifestyle and here are 10 safe natural ways to improve male hormone testosterone 


Ways to increase male hormone testosterone


Lost Fat


The fat that exists around the inner organs of men’s body depletes the hormone of masculinity and is considered to be extremely dangerous and hormone active fats and the greater the volume increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, insulin resistance and colon cancer and also increased exposure For some diseases of masculinity such as infertility and erectile dysfunction Here you find a group of exercises to increase male hormone testosterone  naturally.


Increase Vitamin D


You have to be exposed to sunlight three times a week for a quarter of an hour to get vitamin D. But you have to ask your doctor first to determine if you need vitamin D or not


Eating zinc a lot


Zinc is responsible for the secretion of male hormone testosterone . Zinc is found in oysters at a very high rate, in fat-free meats and also in spinach.


Leafy vegetables


Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, watercress, are rich sources (in glokosycin), which prevents the excretion of estrogen (feminine hormone) and preserves the proportion of healthy fats and prevents harmful fats


Eating protein and healthy fats


Give your body a dose of healthy fats and proteins by consuming moderate amounts of hormone-free animal meats, from healthy and natural sources such as olives, nuts and seeds.


Spice and spices


and avocado and coconut oil eating chili, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger help the body to burn the fat as it contains antioxidants that protect against the abdominal fat and help dispose of the abdomen




Daily exercise and for large periods of time, the body helps to secrete the hormone more quickly and works to stimulate hormone tissue.


Sleep well


The hormone is secreted at night and the more your sleep hours the better the hormone secretion and this is confirmed by the latest research.


Stay away from using your cell phone.


Studies have shown that the blue light out of the cell phone at night works for you not to sleep quietly, which may affect the secretion of male hormone testosterone .


Stay away from chemicals


In all skin care products such as deodorant and perfumes, there are chemicals that may affect the secretion of the hormone of masculinity, and we have to replace them with essential natural oils or make sure that these products are identified and safe.

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