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Facebook is taking a more stringent path on advertising transparency


Facebook is taking a more stringent path on advertising transparency
Facebook is taking a more stringent path on advertising transparency

Facebook is taking a more stringent path on advertising transparency


Facebook social networking platform announced on Friday new transparency policies for advertisements that affect all ads within the network, targeting policies new political ads specifically, in addition to allowing all Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users to see any ad on A custom page regardless of whether they are within the target audience category.


Facebook is hoping through its application of new ad transparency policies in reducing electoral interventions such as linked political advertisements the Russian government, which numbered 3000, and was seen by some 10 million users during the period of the US presidential election 2016, new policies will be tested in Canada and then the United States in 2018 before the mid-term elections.


The most important change is that political advertisers will need to be checked before they can view the declaration, and anyone who buys an election declaration must first specifies the organization that Wayne is represented in addition to including “paid” information in the advertisement itself, and Facebook users can Who want to see all the verification documents as well as explain about why they saw the ad, as with your current Facebook ads.


New automated learning tools are being developed to identify anyone who has purchased a political declaration and has not effectively provided the required documentation for the process check, so that it is prevented from buying a space on the network to publish the advertisement, and this is in line with the changes announced by Mark Zuckerberg chief executive Facebook in September.


It is considered a major change compared to past Facebook policies, and according to the records of the Federal Electoral Commission, Facebook has submitted request for exemption from the requirement of the Federal Electoral Commission that “communications placed on the charge of another person’s location” include disclosures in the year 2011, the network claimed that its declarations were exceptions to the small section of the Act.


Google got an exception similar to its announcements in 2010 and Facebook platform insisted in June that this kind of disclosure information was confidential, said Rob Sherman, deputy head of the Facebook  privacy Department in an interview held in June, “advertisers consider that the design and strategy of targeting ads Their own as sensitive and confidential information from a competitive standpoint. ”


The information that was previously classified in respect of political advertisements will now be shared, as will be archived by Facebook, as will all advertisements are recorded in a searchable archive detailing the total amount spent on the advertisement, and the number of hits it has received Advertising, population information such as age, location and sex that has been targeted and accessed.


All Facebook ads, whether political or otherwise, must be purchased by a source with a page, and the “Display Ads” section will be added to those pages, so that users can see what was purchased, says Rob Goldman, vice president of the Ads section in Facebook, “when it comes to advertising on Facebook, people must be able to know the identity of the Advertiser and display advertisements, especially political advertisements. “

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