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Warning that an iphone camera can be turned on without user knowledge



Warning that an iphone camera can be turned on without user knowledge
Warning that an iphone camera can be turned on without user knowledge


A security researcher warned of the possibility of running a phone camera for iphone silently at any time to spy on users, and the Finder has proven how applications can record images and clips the video secretly without the user knowing, causing the wave of great suspicions, Apple has been urged to change the way in which applications are granted a phone They can access the phone camera.


Felix Kraus, an Austrian application developer working for Google, has built an application that is capable of taking pictures of users every second and downloading them without alerting the user, the developer pointed out that it is a loophole regarding the privacy of the user, which can be misused by Apple’s system applications To play mobile devices named IOS.


Applications that you want to access the camera need to get permission from an iphone phone user, so for example when you wish to apply a card scan credit or take a picture of a personal file get permission during Setup, and apply to applications that request permission to access a list Camera, location, contacts, send alerts.


The process of revocation of the given permission, once the application has been obtained and once granted access, depends on the change of that permission through the list of settings, and the system is similar to the system of permissions required for applications in the Android mobile device operating system, and Google has recently deleted many applications that It has logged users ‘ data in an invisible way, and it has been discovered that they are illegal applications.


The Austrian developer stated that once the application was granted the initial access permission, he could take pictures and videos whenever the application was opened, and unlike Macs that have a small green light next to the camera shines when used, there is no indication that the application is taking pictures or recording the DVD Or he’s sending that information somewhere else.


iphone camera Application permissions do not differ between the front or rear camera, and giving the camera permission gives it additional access rights in its latest version of the OS, which contains a facial recognition engine that allows applications to detect emotions.


The permissions system works effectively the way Apple designed it, so that it does not suffer from faulty or defective, but crossover has stated that malicious applications it can take advantage of that system to do the registration in an invisible way, and prove it by building an application that captures a picture of the person who uses it every second, and the application does Run a facial recognition program to expose the person who uses it.


It cautioned that other applications could monitor users ‘ emotions while browsing the feed feeds in social media sites, record what they say, or broadcast direct video to them while using the smart phone, he explained that Apple must provide a temporary system of permissions, so that the permission would be revoked after the passage A period of time or add a warning light within iphone phones to warn people.



Video from Felix Kraus Channel trauma method


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