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HTC plans to issue six devices in 2018


HTC plans to issue six devices in 2018
HTC plans to issue six devices in 2018


The Taiwan manufacturer of smart phones has recently confirmed its intention to issue up to six smart phones over the next year 2018, so that it includes one of those phone system camera backlit dual lens, that assertion came through the talk of Chealin Chang, chief financial officer of the Company to Media, which he said his company was going to strongly enter the field of dual rear cameras next year.


The company intends to delve into this experience, even though it is not in the best position at the moment, but it seems to have taken a big push through released to the HTC U11 series and its work with Google, the chief financial officer of the company explained that HTC needs to know how to highlight this feature Dramatically, a feature that has shaped a paradigm shift in general mobile phones.


Various companies are trying to adopt this new feature in most devices starting from leading phones down to low-cost hardware, and the advantage is being used the camera backlit the lens a little differently between the companies, but as we saw in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones series of the company Google’s dual backlit camera may not really mean getting a better camera.


HTC is not far from this technology in general, since it was one of the first companies to adopt this feature years ago, and in a form more specifically within the HTC one M8 phone, Chealin Chang, chief financial officer of the company, confirmed in his talk to the media that HTC will be posing for the first time E smart phone contains a dual backend camera system in 2018.


The flagship HTC U11 of HTC is owned by one of the best cameras in the smart phones available in the market now, which means there must certainly be a noteworthy reason for the company to add a second sensor, and it must stay away from imitating other companies in terms Add a sensor to the depth or monochrome sensor as many competitors did.


Zhang also stressed that the HTC has several organs to be put in 2018, and according to his statement, six devices must reach the market during next year, all fall under the direct HTC brand, it is considered worthwhile to note that the company will do this without having about 2000 employees a And most of those who got Google in the last buyout deal.

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