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New Google phones have a secret feature to worry about Apple


New Google phones have a secret feature to worry about Apple
New Google phones have a secret feature to worry about Apple


New Google phones: Owning new Google phones named Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 LX currently has the highest level of smart phone cameras, as they will soon get on what is better, credit is due to the new photo-processing chip, currently located within the handsets, which is not mentioned within Google’s  (wikipedia) keyword in the launch event of new pixel 2 phones.


This chip, named “Pixel Visual Core”, is the First Assistant wizard designed specifically by Google for its products, and this wizard is designed to provide maximum performance for image processing with minimal use of power, moreover, as the new slide allows third-party applications Using the HDR + feature, which is currently available from within the camera application developer by Google.


Google launches the name HDR + on the image processing feature that enables company phones to take a much higher quality image than can normally be with similar devices, a only available within a Google camera application, which means that third-party applications are popular, which often provide more control options for DIWI and additional features, they can’t take high-quality images of the same quality as Google is currently offering.


The company indicates that it is preparing to run the Visual Core Pixel chip in the coming months by updating the software for the phones, as it will allow for more applications using camera gear in Pixel 2 phones within HDR mode +, the new chip is considered powerful with an 8-intended treatment capable of Provide 3 trillion process per second per kernel.


Those numbers mean that the chip is capable of processing images five times faster than the main phone processor, using a fraction of ten parts of the energy, speeding up imaging performance and minimizing the drain of the phone battery while capturing and processing images, require the Visual Core Pixel chip code Specifically written for it, the chip is assumed to be activated for the first time with the release of the preview version of Android Oreo 8.1 developers (MR1).


Apple should worry about this new chip, where the phone Pixel 2 on the iphone 8 plus phone for the smart phone camera, the phone will get more enhancements in the coming months with the activation of Google’s new chip through a software update for the phone.

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