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Microsoft terminates the Kinect device

Microsoft terminates the Kinect device
Microsoft terminates the Kinect device


Microsoft has finished its own motion control camera company named Kinect By turning off their manufacture, the motion sensor and audio recognition for the Xbox one games platform and Windows will disappear from the store shelves as soon as you enter current inventory, which means that the company eventually admitted that the Kinect device is actually dead, according to a new report from the Co.Design website.


This comes after years of discussion about whether the Kinect device is really dead or not, and Microsoft has previously described the device as a basic component of the Xbox one games platform, the software giant is currently preparing to launch the new gaming platform named Xbox one X supporting the 4k display resolution along with my solid gear Outweigh the competitors, which is what the company is focusing on at the moment.


Kinect was launched for the first time as an accessory to the Xbox 360 gaming platform in 2010, and the addon helped to give the old device some new life via easy games The understanding relies on motion, and the idea of playing without the need for a joystick is appealing to users, but it turns out that for this technology problems, where it A requires a great deal of space in front of the TV for motion, lighting that can easily interfere with the system.


Microsoft terminates the Kinect device
Microsoft terminates the Kinect device


With the launch of the new Xbox One, Microsoft planned to make the Kinect device an essential part of the gaming platform, and the Xbox One was originally launched on that an integrated recreational system that can play games, videos and music applications, and gives direct access to cable TV, and it was assumed Kinect is an essential part of the plan with voice commands, hand gestures and facial recognition capabilities.


Microsoft later retracted the idea of having to connect Kinect to the system at all times, but all the original Xbox One was coming with Kinect when launched in 2013, making the game platform price up to US $500, an increase of about $100 in comparison to the PlayStation platform PlayStation 4, which was launched in the same year.


Kinect’s new device has suffered from a lack of admiration for the players, although it has evolved in its own right, and the additional cost Kinect brought to the gaming platform one of the factors that helped PlayStation 4 to excel in the early stage of war game pads, Microsoft started in 2014 Selling the Xbox version at $400 without a Kinect device.

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