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Twitter plans to provide advertising data to users

Twitter plans to provide advertising data to users
Twitter plans to provide advertising data to users


Twitter Mini blogging platform has indicated its intention to provide more transparency with regard to advertisements on its stand and to categorize various advertisements clearly, including political declarations, the latest response from a technical company to criticize its role in spreading foreign propaganda during the American presidential campaign in 2016, This comes amid criticism that Russia has used Twitter to influence voter sentiment.


The company said in a statement that it will work to provide the transparency of the advertising center, where the public can view all ads that work on the platform and from the side funded for advertising, under its new laws, and users will be able to find out who created the ad and how long it is and how to target it For users, select the tweets sent from the political account clearly.


Twitter plans to provide advertising data to users
Twitter plans to provide advertising data to users


According to the company, the Transparency Center will contain a special section dedicated to these political advertisements, and will expose the people who made the purchase and the amount of money spent on the total campaign advertisements, the population factors targeted by these advertisements, including age, sex and geography, come to reveal The plan after the days of the introduction of the American senators legislation requiring the main services over the Internet adopt similar measures.


Such actions include forcing services such as Twitter to create a public file on the purchase of political advertisements, and placing disclaimers in each ad and to determine who sponsored those advertisements, this legislation responds to Russia’s suspected role in using social media to intervene in The US presidential election last year.


According to the US Senate behind the bill it was among those efforts to buy political advertisements in Facebook, Google and Twitter, but the laws of the campaigns the outdated ad was preventing the public from knowing who bought those ads, and Twitter said on Tuesday that its new laws Will go beyond electoral and political declarations and will develop stricter policies on case-related declarations.


The implementation of these policies takes a long time, along with the need for cooperation between Twitter and other technical firms, industry leaders and advertising partners to clearly define what those policies should include, the company at the same time vowed to eliminate another problem facing the podium which is The impact of fake Twitter accounts that publish false information.

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  1. […] Twitter stated that it would work to share more details on how the company would review and implement the new policies in a separate update on Nov. 14, and on November 22nd you will participate more rules regarding violent groups, hateful images and abusive user names, where you try to The platform resolves chronic problems related to harassment and abuse on the podium. […]

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