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Facebook may soon test the feature of breaking news and the red envelope


Facebook may soon test the feature of breaking news and the red envelope


Facebook may soon test the feature of breaking news and the red envelope
Facebook may soon test the feature of breaking news and the red envelope


The Facebook social networking platform continually tests new products and features, and looks as soon poised to test a few new features, including these features on the so-called “red envelope” feature, which allows users to send money to others who are in the service, side by In conjunction with the “Breaking News” tag test, which allows publishers to attach it to publications.


These new features, which have not yet been formally tested, were monitored for the first time by Matt Navara, who is responsible for social communication within the technical site is TNW, and Navara usually goes through his official account on a Twitter mini-platform about the products and features not yet issued.


Facebook assured the Recode website that breaking news was a future test, but declined to share more details about the feature new, as it was more vague as to the red envelope feature, even though she did not deny that this feature existed, where the delegate confirmed Facebook “Company conducts tests and permanent experiments on new products, but there is nothing specific to talk about at this time.”



It is difficult to understand what the “breaking News” of publishers may do without a formal test running, yet the possibility of adding such this tag to the posts may allow the publication to be temporarily increased to the feeds of the users ‘ news feed or it may generate some kind of tabor or a notice It helps publishers to increase the visibility of your publication visually.


The red envelope feature is interesting, where red envelopes are usually used to give gifts, especially for holidays such as Chinese New Year’s Eve but the ability to dedicate someone to the money in Facebook means that Facebook can also facilitate the peer’s pay for the match, and the company actually provides payments Similar through the Messenger platform, but not within the Facebook website or the main application.


The payment support process helps make the Marketplace section A logical thing, and encourages the company to sell the goods through the Marketplace section in the same way available through the Craigslist site, and allowing people to pay for purchases within Facebook (Facebook Newsroom)will have a real meaning.


Facebook  (wikipedia)had earlier this year introduced the collective payments feature within the Messenger application, so that the feature allows users to pay money for anyone within the group or individually, as the platform is tested in partnership with a small group of publishers across the United States and Europe the way it allows Users who have paid a subscription have access to the Instant Articles feature.

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