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Facebook launches Facebook Local application for Yelp competition


Facebook launches Facebook Local application for Yelp competition :


Facebook launches Facebook Local application for Yelp competition
Facebook launches Facebook Local application for Yelp competition


Facebook (wikipedia) today launched its latest applications named Facebook Local, emulator for Yelp application, while renewing and updating its previous application independent named Facebook events launched by the social network last year to help users discover different activities such as Clowns, galleries and nightlife, it seems that Facebook wants to help users find things to do.


Last year’s application suffered from the fact that it did not get popular among users, where Sensortower’s data indicate the popularity of applications that events got about 100 thousand downloads only, Facebook hopes the new app will get more success compared to last year’s application, which is Available for devices operating by mobile operating systems, IOS and Android.


Facebook Local is designed to help the user discover events that occur near him, along with the discovery of restaurants, bars and other locations for Zeah in the user’s residential area, this would facilitate the planning of what to film before and after the event, as the application works to view events And places frequented by friends, you can choose to add a calendar from the phone which eliminates the need to switch between applications.


The application also works to make recommendations to the user on the basis of what is popular within his social circle, the things and places he has previously had, and the pages that I got impressed with, can browse the guide to find things to do by category, view events and places on the map, Filter the results by day, also search for events, places and activities in another city or neighbourhood.


The new application combines businesses, businesses, restaurants and pubs along with events, featuring a simple place to look for fun things, information is provided based on the Facebook database of 70 million business pages and companies as well as reviews, reviews and care Sites available within Facebook through friends selections.


The application is currently available without advertisements within it, but the company indicated that it might consider this option in the future, and think about how to view ads are tailored to the application, and the new application is a powerful competitor for other services such as Yelp, the application’s success may help and get great popularity including Enough to think businesses and businesses put more focus and energy with respect to Facebook pages and other services such as Facebook events.

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