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Instagram tests many new features

Instagram tests many new features.
Instagram tests many new features.
The Instagram (wikipedia) photo sharing platform tests many new features, which may be a lot of them greatly welcomed by users, the longer feature the most interesting is the Regram button, which will allow users to re-post photos and videos of other users without having to Resort to third-party application, the Regram button or the Add important post button according to the fact that Instagram does not currently support sharing another user’s image.


It is considered yet unclear, according to the fact that the feature is still under experimentation, how it will show through which participation and if those pictures will become part of the shared image network of the user’s profile or it will only be presented to the users in the News digest, and include some other tests on the advantage Search for animated GIF images for stories, so that animated images can be added to the story.


The platform also tests another addition that is likely to get popular among users and is able to archive its user stories, so that users will be able the request of the Instagram to do this task automatically, it looks like it will be possible for users of the OS or MSN soon to post posts Located within the Instagram through the feature of the status within and Atab through a single click.


The platform is working to test a new feature called the Close friends List, which allows users to share specific shares with a core group of people, and it was Instagram worked earlier this year to test the advantage of favorite friends, and this feature seems to be about to arrive in a form Formal, so that the feature allows you to add a selection of friends to the list to share the selected content with them only.


The platform tests another set of features, such as the Quick search option for the most frequently used emoticons, and the ability to install a subject in direct messaging, the option to shorten common words across the expressive symbols of the application, and the platform has recently added a feature for images within messages Direct, the ability to add photos and videos to old stories, and also started testing the option to follow the WOM.
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