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Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns


Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns
Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns


Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns :


iphone cover (wikipedia):There are many things you do when buying a new mobile phone is a cover to protect the phone, especially the new iPhone, but there are a range of things that you should consider when buying a new phone, including problems associated with exposure to burn. The National Protection Center that there is almost Of the 275,000 cases resulting from the use of glossy iPhone glitter after 24 people reported that they had been subjected to chemical burns and skin irritation due to leakage of cases.


Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns
Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns



The reason for this is that these cases have purchased a set of an iphone cover that is filled with the obvious fluid that moves in the lid such as snowball and these covers are specially designed for iphone 6 and iphone 7 since October 2015 until June of this year. The cover was manufactured in China by a company called Mixben. These were available on the Amazon site, Victoria Secret, Troy Porsche and many retailers.


Here you can play a complete list of pictures about the form of burns that iphone cover can cause and damaged approximately 263,000 cases were sold in the United States while 11,800 others were sold in Canada and Mexico. Mexin is the company responsible for the existence of these dangerous covers, which are sold through Amazon and various other retailers, whose prices range from $15 to $65.


In a statement, the company said 24 reports from all over the world reported cases of skin irritation or chemical burns, including 19 states United States one consumer said that he suffers from chemical burning and swelling of the legs, face, neck, chest or upper part of the Of.


Although the company’s announcement on its site is that these cases are recent, there have been cases of reported injury with Burns since 2016 at least both among girls and boys because of the use of fluid-filled lids. Bofeder said she suffered from a chemical burn on the legs as a result of her telephone in her pocket while working.
Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns
Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns


She stated that she felt a severe burn on the leg and thought it was just plain burns and once she got home, she found that burns were getting worse and her leg was reddened. Her leg lasted more than a month to heal and she suffered from scars as well.


Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns
Beware of shiny iPhone cover causes chemical burns


Another patient said that she had purchased the full-glitter and star iphone cover from Amazon and said she noticed the cracks on the iphone cover and he suffered her thumb from the burns effect because these cracks leak out the fluid and this stuff led to the thumb fire and the material that comes out It leads to a burning sensation.


Another victim said that she had heard rumors that the shiny iphone cover led to chemical burns, yet she had he bought and ignored these rumors but she woke up on the day she found that she suffered a chemical burn effect in her arm. A few hours later she noticed that the burn had become like a straight line because the phone was in exchange for my arm, which led to the fire.


She says she fell asleep on the phone, which led to the fluid leaking on her arm. Most of the cases have been unanimous that the liquid leaks from the iphone cover until it becomes skin and the chemical causes a chemical fire to be whipped.


The manufacturer, which manufactures the full-featured iphone cover, states that the fluid inside it has led to chemical burns. Although these covers are beautiful, they are a source of danger to health and should be taken care of in the film.


What is chemical burning and what are the ways of treating it?


There are some household products that lead to chemical burns or even the workplace is linked to the use of chemicals. . Chemical burning is a damage occurring in the skin that usually occurs when there is a connection with a strong or base acid. Household products can lead to chemical burning of the skin, such as bleach, metal detergents, chlorortellers, wastewater, and chemical toilet cleaners.


Most of the chemical burning cases occur on the face, the inenine, the legs, the arms. Most of these burns are usually relatively small and can be treated at home depending on the existing chemical and may face deep damage to the tissue you can’t see easily. In addition, a range of factors play a role in the amount of damage involved in chemical burning:
  • The strength or concentration of the chemical.
  • Where the chemical is connected to the most dangerous skin of the eyes, mucous membranes.
  • Did you swallow or inhale the chemical?
  • Is there a direct contact with the chemical?
  • The amount of chemical that contacted the skin.
  • Chemical properties and functions.
  • The length of the exposure period.

The signs and symptoms of chemical burning to be observed include irritation, redness of the skin, pain, numbness, blisters, dead skin, coughing, shortness of breath, changes in seeing, severe cases include a combination of low blood pressure symptoms, weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, muscle tingling, irregular blows The heart.


When dealing with chemical burns you have to deal quickly to minimize the damage to your skin and focus on how to heal the skin. Home remedies can help eliminate chemical burns and here are a range of home remedies that help increase the speed of healing:


Cold compresses:


Cold compresses help you to calm down and reduce the spread of chemical burning. By pouring the amount of cold water above the burning and leaving it for a few minutes, you can apply cold compresses directly to the affected area several times during the day. Or try to use a full-fat cold milk instead of a cold water and repeat the same steps.




Potatoes have soothing properties for skin irritation resulting from incineration. Cutting raw potatoes to slices and rubbing slices around the area affected by burning. . Do not try to add more pressure on them, but make sure that the potatoes release the juice inside. It is preferred to use them immediately after the fire has occurred. You can repeat the rubbing process whenever necessary.




Honey will cleanse the wounds and provide relief. It calms the pain and cleans the tissues of fluids. Distribute the fluid in the area affected by the burn. Leave honey on the skin for a couple of hours and try to change the bandage 3-4 times a week and repeat it regularly.


Black tea bags:


Black tea contains tannic acid, which helps reduce heat and reduce pain. . Put three bags of black tea in a cold water cup and leave it soaked for a few minutes. Try to leave the tea bags on the burnt area or put cold compresses on the affected area and cover it with gauze.




The cactus contains painkillers that capture tissues and provide healing properties to the skin. Rinse the area with cold water and vinegar and apply cactus gel compresses to chemical burning and leave it for a few minutes before trying to remove it. You can use a cream containing aloe vera gel and repeat it regularly to reduce the burn.


Onion Juice:


Onion juice contains sulfur and corsetin together, providing relief from pain and healing from burning and reducing the formation of pimples. Chopping onions to small parts. Apply juicy places that suffer from chemical burning and rubbing gently with trying to replicate it several times a day.




Vinegar contains a holding and sanitized properties that help treat minor burns and prevent infection. Work to relieve vinegar in equal amounts of water and rinse the burning area with this mixture. Soak a piece of cloth into the solution and cover the affected area and change the cloth every 3 hours and try to replicate the process continuously.


Lavender Oil:


Lavender oil possesses antiseptic properties and painkillers and reduces the risk of intubant. Apply a few drops of lavender oil directly to the burns several times a day or pour lavender oil on a clean cloth and put it on the burnt area.




The milk contains ingredients that cause burns and speeds up the healing process and thus deals with chemical burning well, especially as it contains enzymes that soothe the burn.


Pour milk directly on the burn and leave it for 15 minutes or apply a cloth soaked in milk to soothe the burnt skin.


Salt solution:


The salt solution works to eliminate the effects of burns caused by liquids. Make a mixture of salt with a proper amount of water and rinse the affected area with this solution and keep it for 2 hours.




Yogurt serves as a sedative for burns and calms and cools the burning area. . You can apply a glass of yogurt directly to the area that suffers from chemical burning and leave it for 15-20 minutes and try washing the affected area gently.


Banana peel:


The banana peel contains a lutin which is an antioxidant that helps reduce the swelling caused by the burn. Put the banana peel on the burning area and gently rub it and leave it until the banana peel becomes black.


Soy sauce:


Soy sauce works to soothe the burning area. By applying soy sauce to 30 minutes on the affected area, you can wash it with lukewarm water.


Vitamin E Oil:


Vitamin E oil works to heal from wounds by reducing pain either through eating that contains vitamin E. Apply Vitamin E oil directly to Burns.




The mustard reduces the sense of pain caused by the chemical burning and relieves irritation. Scrub the chemical burn mustard gently and leave it for a few minutes then wash the skin with cold water and repeat the same steps after an hour’s lapse.


Turmeric and mustard oil:


Turmeric has a antibiotic effect to achieve the healing of burns. Relieves mustard oil from pain. The hanging mixture of turmeric powder with spoon of mustard oil and its application to the wound left him for 30 minutes on the wound before rinsing. You can repeat these steps twice a day.




Helps oats reduce itching and irritation. Mixing a glass of uncooked oats into a quantity of water and leaving it until it is soaked for 15 – 20 minutes and left on the skin until it dries. You may also need to apply body lotion to prevent itching.


Ice cubes:


The ice cubes work to soothe the wound. The method of use is very simple and produces effective results by placing ice cubes on the area affected by chemical burning.


Diet plan:


The diet plan helps soothe the wound and works to strengthen the immune system that enhances the healing process. Vitamin C does so you can increase the amount of foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus, potatoes and broccoli.


Vitamin E and vitamin A helps increase the healing speed of wounds you can eat green foods to get vitamin A and vitamin E.
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